During the pandemic, as schooling went online and child care centers and homes closed their doors, many parents and guardians–especially women–were forced to choose between staying in the labor force or caring for their children. Knowing that long-standing policies often clash with lived experience, many have chosen not to re-enter the workforce. We have an opportunity to show that participating in the workforce and raising a healthy family do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Every person deserves to choose the role they want to have in their family and with supportive policies, they can.

Policies and benefits that will ensure working parents are supported include:

"Parental benefits provide economic stability for an organization's workforce. These benefits also promote wellness for parents and children and improve workplace recruitment and retention." - San Diego City Councilmember Raul Campillo, District 7
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Child Care and Working Family Recovery & Resilience

Throughout the pandemic, the Collective has had a role in putting working families at the forefront of aid and policies.

Child Care and Working Family Recovery & Resilience

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