To make our vision possible and sustainable, our region needs a local, dedicated fund for children and youth. This is the north star. Since our very first gatherings in early 2019–before officially becoming the Children First Collective–we have known that our path leads to the pursuit of protected investment in our young people. After having spent hundreds of hours drafting budget recommendations, attending municipal and County meetings, and working to ensure that children, youth, and working families get their fair share of a budget that reflects our beliefs and values, we believe in a dedicated fund now more than ever.

"The emerging and exciting movement of local, dedicated funding for children and youth is about getting beyond rhetoric when it comes to loving kids, and having budgets better reflect the public’s values. We know full-well that what gets funded gets done." - Margaret Brodkin, Founder/Director of Funding the Next Generation
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Child Care and Working Family Recovery & Resilience

Throughout the pandemic, the Collective has had a role in putting working families at the forefront of aid and policies.

Child Care and Working Family Recovery & Resilience






Watch below the Q&A portion of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival screening of Clarissa’s Battle: A Single Mother’s Fight for Child Care for All

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